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TC-906 6 Way Loudspeaker Control Center w/Volume Control

This compact designed deluxe multi pair remote speaker level control center is designed to make this
unit can be used with either one or two stereo Amplifier to drive up to maximum 6 pair of remote
speaker in any combination of connection without the risk to damage the Amplifier and speaker and
each pair can be played in different volume level and different room can play different music
delivered by two different Amplifier through the switch control.

In addition, this unit allows you to switch on any number of the speaker pair connected to the two
different Amplifier, The built-in precision auto impedance correction and overload protection circuit
will safe-guard your valuable Amplifier and speakers from damage because of excessive driven
results by too low impedance for amplifier when all 6 pairs are switched on and play simultaneously.

The additional feature is that this unit provide headphone socket which allow you to monitoring the
selected source audio in privacy with volume level can be adjusted.

Accepts two Amplifier inputs and extend to maximum 6 pairs speaker or any number of speaker
    pair with volume level control.
Compatible with speaker impedance 4-16 Ω in any combination
Input/output through push terminals which also good for 4mm banana plug.
Accepts and play simultaneously any number of speaker in safe to Amp and speakers.
Recommended amplifier output: 60 Watts music power
Pre-printed zone and equipment list label included for identify speaker connection.
Strong and stylish metal steel housing.




Package Weight export carton N.W G.W Dimension
Box 3810gm 4 pcs 15.5kg 17kgs 1.8'

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