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TC-750 Professional Moving Magnet Phono Pre-Amplifier

This TC-750 professional moving magnet RIAA phono preamplifier is perfect for connecting a turntable to
a hi-fi or home theatre system that has no phono input, or for adding a second turntable to a system that
has only one phono input. It can also be used with the line input on any computer sound card to allow phono
playback thru PC multimedia systems, as well as MP3, .wav or CD-R/DVD-R ripping of record albums so
they can be added to your mobile portable music collection.

TC-750 features extremely accurate RIAA record compensation as well as very low THM, TIM, audio
distortion, and superior S/N. You will be pleasantly surprised with the extremely high audio reproduction
quality from this preamp at a fraction of the price charged for similar products from other well known



Perfect for home or studio application.
Compatible with any amplifier or stereo receiver lacking phono input
Discrete circuitry design
Excellent stereo separation and accurate RIAA equalization.
Input and output via gold-plated RCA connectors
Powered by an external AC/DC power adapter insuring minimal power supply hum
Quality OFC gold plated RCA cable included
Soundcard adapter cable included
All-steel case construction with LED power indicator, ground wire terminal


Input impedance:

47k ohms/220pf
RIAA deviation response: +/- 0.5db, 20hz-20KHz
THD: Less than Less than 0.05%
Input sensitivity: 3mV/47k ohms/220pF
Input overload margin 20dB
Normal output: 300mV
Maximum output: 1.8 V
Signal/noise ratio: >85 dBA
Output impedance: 1K ohms
Crosstalk: 60db, at any audio frequency
Dimension: 142mm (L) X 78mm (W) X 39mm (H)




Export carton






20 pcs





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