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TC-924 4 pair stereo speaker volume control center

A deluxe and compact 4 pair high efficiency integrated transformer designed speaker volume control center, it accepts
2 stereo amplifiers and distributes audio to a maximum of 4 Pairs of remote speakers independently or all together
without the risk of damage to amplifier or speakers. It will allow each speaker pair to be played individually at different
volume levels through the built-in volume control and different music delivered by two different amplifiers alternately
through the input source control switch.


  • Accepts a mixture of speaker impedance from 4,8 or 16 ohms.

  • Accepts two stereo amplifier inputs and output up to 4 pairs remote stereo speakers.
  • Each pair of speakers can be alternatively switched to either amplifier A or B.
  • Master control switch to switch all outputs ON or OFF instantly.
  • High efficiency transformer based design, fully automatic impedance protection.
  • Extremely low power loss in each zone when all 4 controls are set to maximum volume.
  • Gold plated quality binding post throughout.
  • Power rating -100 Watts music power with 8 ohms load.
  • Robust and deluxe black steel metal case.




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