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TC-756USB Moving Magnet RIAA Phono Preamp with USB ADC


The TC-756USB MM RIAA phono preamp w/USB is perfect for connecting a turntable to a Hi-Fi system, to a computer, or to both
at the same time. Use it for digitizing your phonograph records to MP3 or other computer audio file formats, to add a turntable to a
receiver or amplifier having no phono input, or to connect a second turntable to any audio system that has only one phono input.
It features extremely accurate RIAA compensation, very low audio distortion, superior signal to noise ratio, and excellent tolerance
against overloading.
This preamp is designed for use with any moving magnet (MM) phono cartridge. a switc-hable AUX input is also included for use
with tape decks, TV audio, and other line level sources.
The USB output can send digitized audio from either input directly to most Windows, Mac and Linux computers for recording  or
listening, while the RCA output with variable level attenuator allows analog audio to flow to your stereo.



  • Works with Windows (98SE and later), Mac (OS-X) and Linux.

  • Accommodates any turntable speed.

  • Compatible with all MM and high output MC cartridges.

  • Extremely accurate frequency response.

  • Sub-sonic filter to reduce rumble and wasted amplifier power.

  • All-steel case construction with LED power indicator, ground wire terminal.

  • Powered by an external AC/DC power adapter to insure minimal power supply noise.

  • Analog input and output via gold-plated RCA connectors.

  • Quality USB and gold plated RCA cables included


  Phono sensitivity: 3.0mV
  Overload: 22mV
  Phono gain: 39dB
  Maximum Phono stage output: 250mV
  Maximum Aux output: Limited by source
  THD: 0.03%
  RIAA frequency response: 20-20000Hz, +/-0.25dB
  Sub-sonic filter cutoff: 6Hz
  S/N ratio >80dBA
  Input impedance: 47KΩ / 200pF
  Aux sensitivity: 250mV
  Crosstalk (20-20000Hz): -45dB




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