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PSD15 15W DC to DC Converter Series
Car Cigarette Charger

Wide Input Voltage: 8VDC to 40VDC
Optional Output Connectors
Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
High Reliability
High Efficiency
With LED Indicator
Weight: Approx. 85 gram

Model No.
Output Voltage
Output Current
Maximum Output
  PSD15-1 5V ~ 6 V 0.6A ~ 1.5A 9W
  PSD15-2 7V ~ 8 V 0.6A ~ 1.4A 11W
  PSD15-3 9V ~10V 0.6A ~ 1.4A 14W
  PSD15-4 11V ~13V 0.5A ~ 1.4A 15W
  PSD15-5 14V ~16V 0.4A ~ 1.4A 19W
  PSD15-6 17V ~ 20V 0.3A ~ 1.4A 23W **
  PSD15-7 21V ~ 24V 0.25A ~ 1.4A 29W ***

Note :
** Input voltage over 20V
** Input voltage over 24V

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