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Wire Harness
FFC Cable Assembly
1.27mm pitch Cable Assembly
2.54mm pitch Cable Assembly
FFC / FPC Connector
1.27mm pitch FFC / FPC Connector
2.54mm pitch FFC / FPC Connector
Box Header Connector
1.27mm pitch Box Header
2.00mm pitch Box Header
2.54mm pitch Box Header
Wire to Board Connector
1.00mm pitch Wire to Board
1.25mm pitch Wire to Board
1.50mm pitch Wire to Board
2.00mm pitch Wire to Board
2.50mm pitch Wire to Board
2.54mm pitch Wire to Board
3.00mm pitch Wire to Board
3.96mm pitch Wire to Board
4.20mm pitch Wire to Board
5.08mm pitch Wire to Board
Female Header Connector
2.00mm pitch Female Header
2.54mm pitch Female Header
Pin Header Connector
1.00mm pitch Pin Header
1.25mm pitch Pin Header
1.27mm pitch Pin Header
1.50mm pitch Pin Header
2.00mm pitch Pin Header
2.50mm pitch Pin Header
2.54mm pitch Pin Header
3.00mm pitch Pin Header
3.96mm pitch Pin Header
4.20mm pitch Pin Header
5.08mm pitch Pin Header
Wire to Wire Connector
2.00mm pitch Wire to Wire
2.50mm pitch Wire to Wire
2.54mm pitch Wire to Wire
3.00mm pitch Wire to Wire
3.68mm(Φ1.58mm) pitch
4.14mm(Φ1.00mm) pitch
4.50mm(Φ1.30mm) pitch
4.80mm(Φ1.58mm) pitch
5.03mm(Φ2.36mm) pitch
5.08mm pitch wire to wire
6.20mm(Φ2.00mm) pitch
6.30mm(Φ2.36mm) pitch
6.35mm(Φ2.10mm) pitch
6.70mm(Φ2.36mm) pitch
Board to Board Connector
2.00mm pitch Board to Board
2.54mm pitch Board to Board
4.20mm pitch Board to Board
Crimp Terminal
1.00mm pitch Crimp Terminal
1.25mm pitch Crimp Terminal
1.27mm pitch Crimp Terminal
1.50mm pitch Crimp Terminal
2.00mm pitch Crimp Terminal
2.50mm pitch Crimp Terminal
2.54mm pitch Crimp Terminal
3.00mm pitch Crimp Terminal
3.96mm pitch Crimp Terminal
4.20mm pitch Crimp Terminal
5.08mm pitch Crimp Terminal
Waterproof Connector
Faston Terminal
060 / 070 Series FASTON
090 Series FASTON
110 Series FASTON
118 Series FASTON
187 Series FASTON
250 Series FASTON
Housing Connector
1.00mm pitch Housing
1.25mm pitch Housing
1.27mm pitch Housing
2.00mm pitch Housing
2.50mm pitch Housing
2.54mm pitch Housing
3.96mm pitch Housing
4.20mm pitch Housing
5.08mm pitch Housing
Terminal Crimping Tools
Wafer Connector
2.00mm pitch Wafer Connector
2.50mm pitch Wafer Connector
2.54mm pitch Wafer Connector
3.96mm pitch Wafer Connector
4.20mm pitch Wafer Connector
5.08mm pitch Wafer Connector
Power Connector
3.96mm pitch Power
4.20mm pitch Power
5.08mm pitch Power
D-Sub Connector
2.77mm pitch DIP Solder
2.77mm pitch Wire Solder
SIM Card Connector
SIM Card - ASSY W/ Cover
PLCC Socket
1.27mm pitch PLCC

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