AMP Over the past five years, Tyco Electronics has kept pace; rapidly growing to become the world's largest passive component manufacturer. Based on the interconnect technology leadership of AMP products,
JST JST Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established in 1957.
Since then, our reputation for innovation and excellence has kept JST as one of the top ten connector manufacturers in the world with annual sales of approximately 756 million US Dollars.
Molex Molex is the world's second-largest manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection products and systems. We also make a variety of switches and application tooling.
China Trade China Trade Manufacturers Directory is your one-stop site for the most complete trade sources
AUK A successful enterprise should not only have a long-term strategy and plan, but also bear the determination for growth and improvement. Since its conception, AUK has set and followed these goals relentlessly, and continues to walk the path of the customer-oriented connector manufacturer.
Alibaba Alibaba.com is China's leading e-commerce company, operating the world's largest online marketplaces for both international and domestic China trade, as well as China's most popular online payment system, AliPay.
HDMI HDMI Licensing, LLC is the licensing agent responsible for administering the licensing of the HDMI Specification, promoting the HDMI standard and providing education on the benefits of HDMI to retailers and consumers.

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