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  • TC-760LC

    Audiophile M/C & M/M Phono Preamp

The TC-760LC preamp is a stereo device which can be used to boost the output of both MM and MC phonograph
pickups to allow use with any audio amplifier or receiver that lacks a phono input.

Unique switching and separate input jacks allows connection of either one turntable with swappable MM and MC
cartridges, or simultaneous connection of separate MM and MC tables thus providing the ability to make comparisons
or match a preferred cartridge type to an album being played at the flip of a switch.

The output level control allows connection to a power amp either directly or through an equalizer; or it can simply be
used to fine tune the audio level sent to your computer sound card or receiver.

The selectable HI/LOW MC input impedance make the TC-760LC far more flexible; superior specs make it better
sounding as well, It combines high quality with low audio distortion, wide frequency response and low noise.


Accepts low (20 Ohms) and high (100 Ohms) input impedance
High and stable performance with low noise and high gain.
Moving magnet / moving coil switch-able
Volume control allows matching volumes to the main amplifier.
Input/Output through gold plated RCA connectors
Stylish, strong metal cabinet.



Frequency Response:   20-20KHz, +/-0.5dB
Audio Distortion:    0.06% max.
Input Sensitivity (MM):    3 mV/1Khz (MM), 600uV/1Khz (MC)
Input Impedance (MM):  47k Ohms @ 200 pF 
Input Impedance (MC):  20/100 ohms (switch selectable)
Gain at 1Khz 38dB (MM), 58dB (MC
Max Input:  28mV (MM), 15mV (MC)
Maximum output:  1.8V (MM), 1.7V (MC)/1Khz (Level adjustable)
Output Impedance 200 Ohms
S/N ratio (M/M) >82dB (MM), >75dB (MC)
Crosstalk:    40 dB at any audio frequency
Dimensions 180mm(L)x 78mm(W)x 37mm(H)


Package  Weight Export carton N.W G.W Dimension
Giftbox 960gm 20 pcs 20 kgs 21.5 kgs 2.2'

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