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Y-S Electronic Co., Ltd .
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2, Lane 10, Sec. 2, Zhongfu Road, Zhongli City, Taoyuan, Taiwan. (zip 32057)
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                Company's History                           1987 亅   Y-S Electronic Co., Ltd., Established in Tao Yuan, Taiwan     1992 亅   China Shenzhen Factory Established     1994 亅   Y-S (H.K.) Office Established     1996 亅   Y-S China SD Factory Established in Dongguan               2000 亅  All Y-S Branches are Reorganized as Y-S Group (Head Offic... more

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Communications and Networking > Computer Cables
ATA/SATA cables(10)Networking cables(10)USB cables(37)
Interconnects > Connectors
ATA/SATA connectors(8)D connectors(3)D-Sub connectors(26)
DIN connectors(45)DVI connectors(2)HDMI connectors(17)
IDC connectors(12)IEEE 1394 connectors(5)PC card connectors(2)
PCB connectors(46)Pin headers(19)RJ45 connectors(38)
SCSI connectors(24)USB connectors(28)
Interconnects > Plugs, Jacks & Sockets
IC sockets(3)
Interconnects > Wire,Cables & Assemblies
D/D-sub cable assemblies(10)DIN cable assemblies(10)DVI cable assemblies(20)
Flat cables(10)RCA cable assemblies(10)RF cable assemblies(5)
SAS cable assemblies(58)Wire harnesses(10)
Other Industry > A/V Accessories & Services
iPod accessories(1)
Other Industry > Computer Products
DVI Adapters(4)IEEE 1394 cables(9)
KVM Cable(10)SCSI cables(18)
Other Industry > Electronics
DisplayPort adapters(16)
HDMI adapters(11)Video game cable assemblies(10)

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