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Y-S Electronic Co., Ltd.
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2, Lane 10, Sec. 2, Zhongfu Road, Zhongli City, Taoyuan, Taiwan. (ZIP 32057)
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                Company's History                           1987 亅   Y-S Electronic Co., Ltd., Established in Tao Yuan, Taiwan     1992 亅   China Shenzhen Factory Established     1994 亅   Y-S (H.K.) Office Established     1996 亅   Y-S China SD Factory Established in Dongguan               2000 亅  All Y-S Branches are Reorganized as Y-S Group (Head Offic... more

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Communications and Networking > Computer Cables
Networking cables(2)USB cables(19)
Communications and Networking > Computer Cables & Adapters
VGA cables(13)
Interconnects > Connectors
Box headers(5)D-Sub connectors(44)DIN connectors(2)
Female headers(9)HDMI connectors(11)IDC connectors(9)
IEEE 1394 connectors(5)Jumper connectors(2)Micro USB connectors(3)
Mini DIN Connectors(5)PCB connectors(7)Pin headers(14)
RJ11 connectors(7)RJ45 connectors(29)SCSI connectors(21)
USB 3.0 connectors(10)USB 3.1 connectors(4)USB connectors(21)
Waterproof connectors(8)
Interconnects > Plugs, Jacks & Sockets
IC sockets(3)Modular jacks(1)
Interconnects > Wire,Cables & Assemblies
CAT 5 cable assemblies(8)CAT 5e cable assemblies(8)CAT 6 cable assemblies(9)
D/D-sub cable assemblies(8)DIN cable assemblies(9)DisplayPort cable assemblies(15)
DVI cable assemblies(13)Flat cables(10)HDMI cable assemblies(18)
Medical cable assemblies(2)RCA cable assemblies(11)RF cables(5)
USB 3.1 cable assemblies(9)Wire harnesses(10)
Other Industry > A/V Accessories & Services
HDMI extenders/repeaters(1)
Other Industry > Communications and Networking
KVM cables(10)
Other Industry > Computer Products
ATA/SATA cables(17)
DVI Adapters(5)IEEE 1394 cables(10)SCSI cables(10)
USB 2.0 data cables(10)USB 3.0 data cables(11)
Other Industry > Electronics
DisplayPort adapters(5)
HDMI adapters(6)

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