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REMEMBER THIS NAME  Over time, you will come to associate reliability, flexibility and efficient customized service with it.In face, Navitas will mean more to you than just a few words; Navitas will symbolize everything that you expect from an OEM manufacturer and supplier of connectors & cables in the Far East: A business where you are the number one priority, where your requirements are what matter and where you can expect your contacts to be highly skilled and able to convert your needs into... more

RF Cable, FFC Cable, SCSI Cable Assembly, Waterproof cable assembly, Flat Cable, Wire Harness, USB Cable assembly, OEM/ODM Connector, D-SUB Cable Assembly, OEM Intert Cable... more

Interconnects > Connectors
D-Sub connectors(5)FPC/FFC connectors(2)HDMI connectors(1)
SCSI connectors(1)USB connectors(1)
Interconnects > Wire,Cables & Assemblies
D/D-sub cable assemblies(6)
Electrical cable assemblies(1)Flat cables(3)HDMI cable assemblies(1)
RF cable assemblies(1)Wire harnesses(1)
Other Industry > Auto Parts & Accessories
Automotive wire(1)
Other Industry > Computer Products
SCSI cables(1)USB data cables(1)
Other Industry > Parts & Components
Cables Assemblies(3)
Other Industry > Solar & Energy Saving Products
Solar junction boxes(1)

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