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Chufon Technology Co., Ltd.
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Since the inception of ChuFon in 1994, we have been indicated ourselves in the belief of sincerity, innovation, quality and continuous corporate growth to product innovation and equipment to meet customerdemand for quality and cost-effective connector. At ChuFon, we have committed the last 7 years to the idea that consistency equals profit. We strive to delivery superior quality, competitive price, on time delivery and prompt service.ChuFon is your definite choice. Our Milestones 1994: Compan... more

PCB Connector, Wire to Board, Jack, FPC Connector, Card Connector, Board to Board, Cable Assembly ... more

Interconnects > Connectors
Crimp connectors(6)D-Sub connectors(16)DVI connectors(3)
FPC/FFC connectors(5)HDMI connectors(2)Memory card connectors(11)
PCB connectors(24)Pin headers(14)Power connectors(4)
Smart card connectors(10)Wire To Board connectors(29)
Interconnects > Plugs, Jacks & Sockets
Connector terminals(20)
Interconnects > Wire,Cables & Assemblies
Flat cables(1)RF cables(1)
Other Industry > Electronics Accessory
Audio Cable Assemblies(1)

Trade Winners Net Marketing Co., Ltd. 大贏家國際行銷廣告有限公司
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