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CHENG YI ASSOCIATE INC. is established on 1972 at Chang An St. , Panchiao(Taipei Suburb). Main product at the beginning is TERMINAL PIN ,due to the products of our company possesses superior stable characteristic and dependability, therefore growth of market is very rapid, excellent reputation comeslike the tides. Primary factory is not enough to use within few years. In order to meet the required growth of production, on 1983, our factory have moved to the present factory area at Kin Men St. Pa... more

Our main products is COMBINED PRESS TERMINAL for Car, Motor Cycle, Electric, and Electronic. On the other hand, we also produce TERMINAL MOLDING TOOLS, and developing HOSING and WAFER. Hoping to depend on our accumulated experience, high level technique, and acclimate delivery plus sincere coordinated spirit, will be able to obtain the trustability of the field.... more

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